Register your catering facility here to receive email correspondence from Garners, personalised for you as/when your equipment needs maintenance and consumables replacing. We'll follow up this form to iron out the details with you so we can get accurate reminders to you when you need them.

As part of this service, GFSE will attach a quotation (for the necessary supplies/maintenance your equipment needs) to the notification. Email notifications will continue until you terminate the below contract.

By registering for this (free) service, Garners will:

A) Send you accurate, premeditated notifications regarding the maintenance, servicing and/re-supply requirements of your commercial kitchen equipment
B) If requested, follow up the notifications with quotes relating to the equipment at hand

Which requires you to:

A) Provide accurate information about your commercial kitchen equipment
B) Leave contact details with us

This will not result in unwarranted (sales/marketing) emails being sent to the address provided - all communications will relate to the equipment information you supply us. For details on how we retain, share and process the information left via this form, please see our full Privacy Policy here.
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